Whenever you wish to switch up your workout regime or find a new way to sweat, we invite you to visit Aspire Active Men. The gym, set in the world's largest indoor multi-purpose dome, has excellent facilities which will help you tone, shape or maintain your frame. 

Thanks to the high-quality equipment and the variety of classes available, here you'll always have something fun to try. Life becomes more exciting when you join Privilee and can access so many incredible venues – with one app! Here's why Aspire Active Men is the perfect place to shake up the way you train.

About Aspire Active Men

You may have heard about Aspire Active Men as a popular venue for sports events. That's true – the arena even has its own FIFA-approved full-sized indoor football pitch. But Aspire Active Men is also home to a spacious gym with five studios, where fitness enthusiasts head to get their daily workout. Whether you are a newbie or already a pro, it doesn't matter; Aspire Dome will make you feel like you're exactly where you're meant to be.

If you'd like to spice up your workout routine, Aspire Active Men is located on Al Henaizbiah St, Doha. The facilities are open six days a week, from Saturday to Thursday. Privilee Members can give their endorphins a kick any time between 6am to 10pm. Upon visit, you must check in at the reception.

Note that fitness classes are available every day between 3pm to 9pm, depending on the schedule. 

Five studios for your every need

The Aspire Active gym includes five studios that provide a motivating, fun training experience for Privilee Members of all interests and needs. Get your body moving in the TRX room, work your quads in the spinning room, and build your strength in the boxing room – the options are endless!

As a Privilee Member, you also get access to multi-function and conditioning studios, which include all the necessary equipment for a productive workout.

A variety of fitness classes

Nothing beats a good fitness class! If you're a fan of working out in a group, you'll be impressed by Aspire Active Men's offering. The innovative classes will help you reach any goals you have – whether that's improving your balance, getting more toned, or simply having more fun with your workouts. What's more, Privilee Members can benefit from two complimentary fitness classes per week. We've handpicked some of our favourites, and we invite you to test them too!

GX (Tabata): Channel your inner rockstar at this energetic workout class, which combines excellent music and high-intensity interval training. The unique program is suited for all fitness levels.

BodyAttack: Don't let the name of this class care you – it will be an excellent pick for both beginners and experienced gym goers. The workout mixes athletic movements with strength exercises. Guided by a professional instructor, you'll burn up to 730 calories and get those endorphins running.

RPM: Fans of cycling will certainly enjoy this fun group indoor workout, where you can control the intensity and find a pace that serves you the best. 

BodyBalance: Getting in a state of zen will be easy with this new-generation yoga class. Through a series of bend and stretch exercises, incorporating elements of Tai Chi and Pilates, you'll learn not only how to control your breath but also improve your mind. Many say yoga is life-changing – test this amazing fitness class and decide for yourself!

Effective personal training

Privilee Members who prefer to train supervised can use the help of Aspire Active Men's personal trainers. With their assistance, it will be easier to reach your goals and stay motivated. The gym's trainers can develop a personalised training program that is specifically designed for your body and lifestyle needs. At Aspire Active Men, you can choose between three package options:

  • 12 sessions (QAR1700)
  • 16 sessions (QAR2050)
  • 26 sessions (QAR2400)

Changing rooms

Aspire Dome is the perfect place to squeeze in a workout before heading to work or appointments because its facilities include comfortable changing rooms with spacious lockers. Remember to bring your own towel and water to stay hydrated before and after training.

Privilee Member benefits:

Even if you aren't a sports enthusiast, Aspire Active Men is where you'll be motivated to train like a professional athlete. The air here has the smell of success. Whenever you are ready to switch up your workout routine, here are the Privilee Member benefits you can look forward to.

Complimentary, unlimited access, six days a week, to:

  • Open gym areas
  • Changing facilities

Additional perks:

  • Two complimentary fitness classes per week
  • Self-parking (if you arrive ten minutes before)

Please note that access to Aspire Active Men's gym is only for adults of age 16 or above holding their own Privilee Membership.

If you're in search of a gym that offers bountiful amenities, look no further! Aspire Active Men provides one-on-one training, fantastic group classes, and exceptional equipment that will get you in your best shape in no time. Become a Privilee Member to make the most of your workout experience!


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Feb 8, 2023