A beautiful resort combining Arabic traditions and European flair.

Ready for a Doha daycay that will leave you feeling like royalty? Look no further than Marsa Malaz Kempinski! The stunning five-star resort is nestled on its very own man-made island, The Pearl, and features breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf. This magnificent palace seamlessly blends Arabic heritage with European elegance, offering a regal ambience that exudes opulence.

The interiors, dining options, and amenities are all designed to transport you to a world of indulgence and leave you wanting more. Here's what awaits Privilee Infinite Members at the exclusive five-star venue.

Excellent destination

Marsa Malaz Kempinski is located on its own private island in Doha. It's a peaceful oasis, yet just a short distance from the vibrant heart of the city. So if you're looking to escape the crowds and get away from the hustle and bustle of Doha, there's no better place to go for a relaxing daycay. 

The hotel's proximity to Doha makes it an excellent choice for indulging in exceptional dining and entertainment experiences.

Spectacular pools and a beach

You can be in Doha and feel like you are on a Mediterranean vacation! 

Head to the private beach and marine. Sink into the comfy beach chairs. Take a dip in the refreshing, crystal-clear water, where you might even catch a glimpse of some playful little fish. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, feast your eyes on the hotel's incredible pool complex. With a mix of adult and kid-friendly pools surrounded by breathtaking scenery, you'll feel like you're living in a dream. 

As a Privilee Infinite Member, you can enjoy free, complimentary access, seven days a week, to the hotel's pools and a pristine beach. The almost 500 feet long beach is unusual for the city, making it a real draw for those who crave the ultimate beach experience.

Note that the beach is open daily from 6am to sunset, and the pools are open from 6am to 8pm.

The Health Club

Get ready to sweat it out in style at Marsa Malaz Kempinski's fitness wonderland! The hotel's gym features top-of-the-line Technogym machines and equipment. But wait, there's more! Its certified fitness gurus will gladly assist you through the latest exercises and keep you motivated, whether you're a gym newbie or a seasoned pro looking to spice things up.

Privilee Infinite Members who love a good fitness class will have plenty of fun too. Try yoga, pilates, or power balance, to take your workout game to a new level.

Given the high-level service of Marsa Malaz Kempinski, it doesn't come as a surprise its gym is amazing too. The Health Club is fully loaded with everything you need for a complete fitness experience, including a personal training studio, male and female changing rooms, steam rooms, and a sauna.

Privilee Infinite Members also have complimentary, unlimited access, seven days a week, to the Health Club.

The gym is open daily from 6am to 11pm.

If racket sport is your idea of a good workout, you'll be excited to learn Marsa Malaz Kempinski has its own tennis and padel courts, where Privilee Infinite Members get a complimentary 20% off.

Changing facilities

It's no secret that changing facilities can set the tone for the whole experience. The changing rooms at Marsa Malaz Kempinski are as impressive as the rest of the hotel. 

Our favourite feature of the changing rooms is the relaxing Swiss showers. Let the hot water soothe your tense muscles while the cold water boosts your energy levels.

Kids' playroom

Marsa Malaz Kempinski is best enjoyed together with the whole family! At the Titan Tikes Playroom, your little ones will be spoiled for choice with exciting games, creative arts and crafts, and a huge variety of toys that'll keep them engaged and entertained all day long. Thanks to the safe environment and the caring team, you can rest easy knowing your kids are in good hands.

Note the playroom is available for kids aged four to 12.

Five-star dining

Marsa Malaz Kempinski is a foodie paradise! The hotel has several amazing spots for your taste buds to explore. Whether you're looking for fresh seafood with a side of the sea breeze or hope to sample mouthwatering contemporary Japanese or classic Middle Eastern dishes, you are in for a treat.

Al Sufra and its menu will take you on a delectable journey through the vibrant flavours and authentic recipes of Lebanon, Cyprus, Syria, Jordan, and Palestine.

El Faro is a chic and modern oasis within the hotel, where Latin American cuisine takes centre stage. If you're looking for a memorable (and Instagrammable) dining experience, this is the place to be.

Public House Doh serves reimagined breakfast favourites with a twist of American diner cuisine. As you indulge in your meal, you'll be transported back in time with strictly old-school music that'll have you tapping your toes.

Bohemia Lounge is a unique meeting spot with views of the pools, lush gardens and the beach, offering a selection of beverages and light bites.

Café Murano provides a gourmet café experience! Tuck into hand-made chocolates, delectable pastries and afternoon tea at this elegant café. 

The Pearl Oasis has opened for Ramadan! Enjoy Iftar and Suhoor under the stars at the magical venue.

Privilee Infinite Members with up to three guests have 20% off dining (including brunches) at the delicious dining outlets.

Spa by Clarins

What's a daycay without a visit to the spa? Marsa Malaz Kempinski has got you covered in this matter too. Once you enter the relaxing space, you'll be enchanted by its splendour. 

Marvel at the grandiose marble lobby that'll make you feel like royalty from the get-go. Gaze up at the ornate chandeliers that twinkle and sparkle like stars in the night sky. And just wait until you step into one of their luxurious treatment rooms – you'll never want to leave!

But that's just the tip of the iceberg! The best happens when you peruse the extensive treatment menu. With dozens of indulgent options at your fingertips, you can go for a heavenly facial, a soothing massage, or even treat your whole body to some serious TLC with full-body exfoliation and body wraps.

Privilee Infinite Members benefits at Marsa Malaz Kempinski. Ready to experience Marsa Malaz Kempinski yourself? Here are our exclusive Privilee Infinite Membership benefits:

Complimentary, unlimited access, seven days a week, to:

  • Pools and beach
  • Health Club
  • Titan Tikes Playroom
  • Changing facilities


  • 20% off dining (including brunches, for members and up to three guests, at:
  • Al Sufra
  • El Faro
  • Public House Doh
  • 20% off tennis and padel court rental
  • 20% of fitness classes at the Health Club
  • 20% off spa treatments at Spa by Clarins (for members and up to three guests)
  • 10% off spa goods
  • Complimentary access for two children aged 3-16
  • Complimentary access for one nanny per family (however, they aren't permitted to use the facilities)
  • Valet parking

You simply can't miss the incredible Marsa Malaz Kempinski, stranding proud and tall like a majestic palace on its very own artificial island in Doha. With its pristine private beach and marina, exquisitely manicured gardens, and numerous pools dotted with comfy deck chairs and colourful umbrellas, it's a sight to behold, both literally and figuratively.

But that's just the beginning of the excitement – step inside this grand complex and experience the fun yourself!

Mar 21, 2023