Start a conversation about why your company should offer Privilee’s leading wellness programme

You know the importance of health and wellness in the workplace, but key decision makers may need to be shown just how much value a wellness programme could add to your company.

Whether your employer hasn’t implemented a wellness programme because of budget constraints, a lack of resources, or a misconception of its effectiveness, take the opportunity to address their concerns and build a solid case as to why Privilee would be a fantastic benefit - for both your colleagues and employer.

We’ve outlined key points below and included helpful tips to ensure you form the perfect pitch when you discuss introducing Privilee’s wellness programme to your company.

Firstly, what is Privilee, and what does the wellness programme include? 

Privilee is a lifestyle membership, offering Members unlimited, complimentary access to five-star pools and resorts, state-of-the-art gyms, motivating group fitness classes, and much more.

Privilee’s wellness programme can be uniquely tailored to your company’s requirements. This includes competitive pricing packages to fit budgets, tailored communications, team-building exercises, and a dedicated account manager. 

How can Privilee add value to employees

Privilee opens up a world of benefits and caters to a variety of lifestyles - it’s the best way to make the most of employees' free time, cost-effectively. 

From spending quality time with their families at exquisite pools and beach resorts to working on their health and fitness in premium gyms close to home or the office, plus saving up to 20% at top restaurants, there are endless options to suit various lifestyles. 

We all know how vital it is for employees to be able to switch off outside of the office and maintain a work-life balance, with Privilee there is no better way. Employees can start or end their day with a workout, pick up new hobbies, and enjoy hassle-free plans with friends and family - all with one unique membership.   

What benefits does Privilee add to companies?

It’s not just employees that will benefit from a wellness programme, there are a variety of advantages for companies too. 

A team that can regularly exercise and takes care of their well-being will be more productive, engaged, and motivated. In addition, being able to truly switch off outside of work will ensure employees are refreshed, well-rested, and healthy - leading to lower absences and reduced health costs.  

Privilee’s wellness programme can also help to drive team building, for example, team members can work out together, try new activities, and keep each other motivated. As a result, colleagues can bond and build an excellent company culture.

It’s worth mentioning how integral a wellness programme is to retaining existing employees and attracting new, high-quality prospects. The quest to attract and retain talent is at an all-time high, competition is tough and employees aren’t motivated solely by financial packages. However, when employees feel that their well-being is important to their employer, they become more productive and engaged. A highly engaged team is much less likely to leave your company for another.

Here are some tips to gain key decision-makers buy-in:

Highlight how Privilee’s wellness programme will… 

Increase productivity:

  • Healthy employees are productive employees, and by investing in them, the more a company will get back in return.  
  • A lack of productivity can lead to absence in the workplace, or where someone is physically present at work, but "not there" mentally. Focusing on increasing productivity can lead to improvements in these areas of the company.  

Improve retention:

  • By proactively helping to enhance employees' well-being, companies will see an improvement in company culture and morale.
  • Happier employees will naturally lead to them staying with the company for a longer period and make them more likely to recommend the company that they work for.

Reduce stress:

  • Regular exercise improves physical as well as mental health, particularly by reducing stress. With Privilee, employees can choose to workout in leading gyms and join motivating group fitness classes - it’s a fantastic way to get into fitness and try new things, whilst benefiting overall health. 
  • Studies show that spending time outside can help to relieve stress and anxiety. Privilee gives you access to Qatar's best beaches and pools, which is a brilliant way to help employees switch off, relax and get active with beach walks and swimming. 

Make employees feel cared for:

  • The world has dramatically changed in recent years, and that has impacted what employees value now. Caring for and enhancing health is a top priority for employees, when they feel encouraged to be their best selves and supported to lead a healthy lifestyle, they will perform better. 
  • A wellness programme is a reflection of your company culture, investing in something that positively impacts your employees is a great way to reassure your team that you care about their wellbeing, in and out of work.  

Save your company money

  • A well-looked-after team with good health will reduce company healthcare costs. 
  • As mentioned above, a wellness programme can have a significantly positive impact on productivity in the workplace, leading to reduced absence across employees, and ultimately a huge cost saving to the company.

Questions? For more information and guidance on how to pitch Privilee’s wellness programme to your company, please reach out to and a member of the team will help you. 


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Jun 12, 2023