Train at Qatar’s best gyms using your membership.

Ready to work on your health and wellness goals, and feel fitter than ever? Here is your ultimate guide to the top gyms in Qatar that you can access using your Privilee Membership. Whether you're looking to build strength, boost your endurance, or simply stay active, these gyms offer world-class facilities and exciting fitness classes. Take a closer look at each gym and what they have to offer. Let's dive in!

Aspire Active Ladies

Aspire Active Ladies offers a premium gym experience exclusively for women. Make the most of their cutting-edge facilities, including a fully-equipped gym, swimming pool, and sauna. 

Wish to shake things up and try a new fitness class? Aspire Active Ladies is the place to be! A huge part of the gym's promising programme is ladies-only fitness classes that include a wide range of classes, like Zumba, Body Shape, Yoga, Spinning, and the world-renowned Les Mills program. With over 150 classes per week, there's something for everyone!

Aspire Active Men

Aspire Dome is an iconic sports facility that caters to a wide range of fitness interests. With its vast indoor spaces, it houses numerous sports facilities, including a fully-equipped gym, indoor track, and various courts for basketball, tennis, and more. Engage in sports-specific training programs, join team activities, or explore their group classes for a comprehensive fitness journey.

Dynamik Gym

Dynamik Gym is a high-energy fitness centre dedicated to helping you unleash your potential. This dynamic gym on The Pearl offers a vibrant atmosphere and an array of world-class facilities, including strength training zones, cardio machines, and a fully-equipped functional training area. Join their energetic group classes such as dance cardio, boxing, Pilates and circuit training to elevate your fitness routine.

M Active Club

M Active Club is your go-to destination for a holistic fitness experience. With cutting-edge equipment and a team of experienced trainers, it’s an ideal environment for achieving your fitness goals. The club offers a variety of facilities, including a well-equipped gym (with a ladies-only area!), indoor and outdoor swimming pools, plus a sauna. Fitness enthusiasts can also enjoy invigorating group classes like spin, circuit training, and Pilates.

M Active Ladies

Designed exclusively for women, M Active Ladies is a sanctuary that promotes health and wellness. Their modern facilities include a fully-equipped gym with cardio and strength training equipment, a relaxing sauna and steam room, plus private studios for classes. The gym offers specialised classes like body pump, dance fitness, and kickboxing, providing a blend of fun and effective workouts.

The Venue Ladies

Located on The Pearl, The Venue Ladies is a haven exclusively for women. This gym boasts a comprehensive range of facilities, including a spacious cardio area, weight training equipment, and a dedicated studio for group fitness classes. From high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to Reformer Pilates and Swing Yoga, their diverse class schedule caters to every fitness level and interest.

In addition, post-workout you can relax and rejuvenate in the sauna! The perfect way to boost your recovery and avoid injuries. 

VO2 Gym

VO2 Gym is renowned for its top-notch equipment and incredible wellness area Whether you're a beginner or an advanced athlete, their knowledgeable trainers will guide you on your fitness journey. The gym features a wide range of facilities, including a spacious weightlifting area, functional training zone, and dedicated spaces for group classes - which Members save 40% on! 

For those looking to take their fitness journey even further, you can take an ice bath in the wellness area! And for when you’re finished working out, the changing rooms of VO2 Gym tick all the boxes, boasting Rituals toiletries and Dyson hair tools! 

Remember, always check the Privilee app for the latest information on class schedules and any additional facilities each gym might offer. Enjoy your fitness adventures with Privilee in Qatar!

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Jul 13, 2023