Get fit, fast, in these group fitness classes!

Whip into shape at our round-up of some of the best indoor HIIT classes to get fit this summer! Hit all of your major muscle groups in these complimentary group fitness classes that boast an electrifying atmosphere, motivating music and expert coaches to guide you along the way.

Here’s a roundup of the best indoor HIIT classes to get you in tip-top shape this summer:

Les Mills Grit Strength at Aspire Active Men

Privilee loves: Torching calories in just 45 minutes in this high-energy and fast paced HIIT class that incorporates barbell exercises - not for the faint hearted! 

Metafit at M Active Club

Privilee loves: Focusing on core and bodyweight exercises in this HIIT session. 

Fartlek at Aspire Active Ladies

Privilee loves: Testing our stamina in these ladies-only classes which incorporate lots of running at different paces! 

Tabata at M Active Club 

Privilee loves: This is a class that works your whole body - prepare to feel the burn! The short recovery times and various exercises mean that every class is fun, tough, and dynamic. 


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Aug 3, 2023