Train As One at these epic fitness studios in Aspire Park and Lusail.

Privilee Signature and Infinite Members can join two complimentary fitness classes per week at each of UN1T’s renowned fitness studios in Aspire Park and Lusail. Get leaner, stronger, faster, and healthier in high-energy classes, surrounded by like-minded fitness enthusiasts and expert coaches. 

Build your performance 

Watch your fitness levels soar with complimentary access to four UN1T fitness classes in total every week, two at Aspire Park and two at Lusail! 

UN1T uses a scientific 12-week programme to focus on the fundamental basics and enhance your overall fitness performance: building strength, muscular endurance and mobility. 

Discover a variety of classes 

There are six different class types at UN1T, prepare to be pushed beyond your comfort zone in each one! Train As One at UN1T as you work out in pairs or teams to push each other to new heights in a fun and motivating environment. In addition, UN1T Aspire Park offers ladies-only classes! View the full schedule here.

Learn more about the classes below:


Combine strength and conditioning in PB! Work through a series of compound lifts for the first half of the class, before working as a team to score as many points as possible across all of the conditioning exercises. The perfect class to meet new people whilst working out and having fun!


Bring your A-game to SQUAD - one of UN1T’s most popular classes! Teams challenge each other to see who can rack up the most points across a range of UN1Ts - incorporating what you’ve been working on and learning in other classes. Work together as a team and motivate each other to succeed!


Get stronger and leaner in CONVOY classes, blending compound lifts and mobility movement perfectly. Develop good form and technique through exercises such as squats and deadlifts, designed to make you stronger. Feel the burn at the end of the session with a six-minute round of high-intensity metabolic training!


Challenge yourself in GR1ND, a conditioning class guaranteed to get your heart rate up! Feel the intensity rising throughout the class as each round gets progressively tougher, and every exercise is performed for a different amount of time.


Pick from three possible TARGETs and be ready to give it everything in a hybrid of strength and conditioning exercises. Finish strong with a three-minute spicy core workout.


Lift heavy in SET! Complete six perfect reps of four big compound lifts - there’s no timer so you can take as long as you need to get it right. Push yourself to the maximum with guidance and help from coaches along the way. 

Achieve results in scientific 12-week programmes

UN1T’s class programming is built over a 12-week phase. Each 12 weeks is split into four weeks of different training; hypertrophy, strength, and power. Get better results than ever before as your body constantly adapts to the new workouts every four weeks.

Train in custom-built fitness studios 

Take your workouts to new heights with the incredible equipment and facilities available to you at both UN1T Aspire Park and UN1T Lusail. Each UN1T studio is custom-built for purpose, kitted out with premium and innovative equipment. 

Join the UN1T fitness community

Discover a fitness community like no other at both UN1T locations! Feel the warm and friendly environment from the moment you step in, greeted by welcoming coaches and other fitness enthusiasts. The UN1T community is known for its buzzing energy - perfect for keeping you motivated every step of the way. 

Privilee Signature and Infinite membership benefits at UN1T:

  • Two complimentary classes per week at UN1T Aspire Park.
  • Two complimentary classes per week at UN1T Lusail. 
  • Access to the changing facilities at both UN1T fitness studios. 
  • Complimentary self-parking is available at both UN1T fitness studios. 

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Sep 26, 2023