Get complimentary access to a ladies-only fitness classes and gym. 

Discover a game-changer for your fitness routine, Ox Fitness Lab in The Gate Mall. Whether you’re seeking a new workout environment, want to switch up your routine, or are looking for a community to help you achieve your goals, this ladies-only gym has everything you need. 

Introducing Ox Fitness Lab

Located in the heart of The Gate Mall, Ox Fitness Lab is a ladies-only fitness sanctuary designed to empower and energise. With a range of unique fitness studios, it's the perfect place to explore different workouts, challenge yourself, and reach your fitness goals. As a Privilee Infinite Member, enjoy complimentary access to the gym, Street, and two fitness classes per week. 

Explore world-class studios

Ox Fitness Lab stands out among ladies-only gyms in Qatar with its specialised fitness studios offering a unique workout experience. Take a look at what each studio has to offer:

Raise the Barre: Sculpt and tone

If you prefer a low-impact workout that gets you results, Raise the Barre is your go-to studio. Ballet meets Pilates in a total body workout that sculpts, tones, and stretches. These classes are perfect for enhancing flexibility, improving posture, and building core strength. The small yet challenging movements will work muscles you didn’t know existed.

Ride Tribe: Pedal to the beat

Ride to the rhythm in Ride Tribe, a high-intensity cycling studio that combines strength training with coordinated movements. The dynamic cycling sessions are set to motivating music, making every workout feel exciting. If you're looking to boost your cardiovascular health and build lower body strength, Ride Tribe is the ultimate destination.

Circle: A 360-degree fitness experience

Circle offers a comprehensive fitness journey with a blend of intense weight sessions and stretching and breathing exercises. This holistic approach gives you a full-body workout that builds muscle while enhancing flexibility and promoting relaxation.

Street: Embrace your inner athlete 

Tap into your strength and conditioning potential at Street. This high-energy studio is all about powerful workouts that make you feel invincible. Street's functional training sessions are designed to push your limits and build strength and endurance. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a beginner looking to try something new, you'll find Street's workouts invigorating and challenging.

Book a class

Privilee Infinite Members can book classes at Ox Fitness Lab up to nine days in advance — book by calling +974 4020 6430.

View the fitness class schedule. 

Join the community

Ox Fitness Lab is a community of women dedicated to achieving their best selves. The supportive and empowering atmosphere ensures you feel motivated and confident in every session. Plus, the variety of classes means there's always something new to try, keeping you engaged. You'll be guided by a team of dedicated professionals who will coach and support you throughout your journey.

Get started 

Ready to elevate your fitness game? Head over to Ox Fitness Lab at The Gate Mall and make the most of your Privilee Infinite membership. Whether you're looking to build strength, increase flexibility, or simply enjoy a high-energy workout, Ox Fitness Lab has something for everyone.

Privilee Infinite Membership benefits at Ox Fitness Lab: 

  • Complimentary access to Street, the ladies-only gym at Ox Fitness Lab. 
  • Complimentary access to two fitness classes per week, including Ride Tribe, Raise the Barre, Circle and Street.
  • Complimentary access to the changing facilities. 
  • Complimentary self-parking. 

Please note that complimentary access to Encore fitness classes is not included. 


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Jun 26, 2024