A cutting-edge gym in The Gate Mall.

Train in an environment that fuels motivation and fosters results at Equipt Fitness. Whether you're craving the intensity of a high-energy fitness class, looking to switch up your routine, or seeking a fresh training environment, this is the place to work out. Privilee Infinite Members get complimentary access to the gym and two fitness classes per week.

Transform your workouts

Step into the light and open space at Equipt Fitness. Fuel your workouts with bespoke equipment designed to enhance your every move. Feel the rush as you conquer battle ropes, master plate-loaded machines, and power through squats on top-tier racks. Test your strength with leg press machines and free weights, and sharpen your agility with plyo boxes.

Challenge yourself

Get ready to push your limits in dynamic group fitness classes at Equipt Fitness. Whether you want to build strength, improve your endurance, or train for HYROX, Equipt Fitness has a results-driven workout for you to jump into. Take a look at what’s waiting for you:

  • ‘Alterego’ Sweat - Experience the ultimate fitness challenge with an action-packed interval class, featuring speedy sprints and intense intervals. Powerful bursts of activity followed by strategic recovery periods will elevate your endurance.
  • ‘Alterego’ Shred - Combine strength and cardio movements that build muscle mass while elevating your heart rate in WODs (workouts of the day!). 
  • HYROX - Prepare to ace your next HYROX race in sessions designed by certified coaches. Expect wall balls, burpees, and sleds to enhance your performance when you compete.
  • Muay Thai - Ramp up your conditioning with invigorating rounds using hammers, slam balls, and battle ropes, alongside a fusion of punching and kicking drills. Sculpt your physique and empower yourself with diverse workout techniques in this adrenaline-pumping session.
  • Olympic Lifting - Unleash your inner athlete with Olympic lifting classes! Master the art of the snatch, clean, and jerk under the guidance of expert coaches. Build explosive strength, perfect your technique, and achieve new personal records in a supportive environment.
  • Pump It - Pump it up in an energising strength class! Target different muscle groups using free weights and machines, focusing on everything from chest and biceps to legs and core. Boost your functional fitness with powerful, efficient workouts. 

Privilee Infinite Members can join two complimentary fitness classes per week. 

Train outdoors

Embrace outdoor workouts at Equipt Fitness during the cooler months. Explore a playground for fitness enthusiasts, ideal for functional training sessions. Master bodyweight exercises on rigs, feel the intensity of the sled, and pedal with power on assault bikes. 

Privilee Infinite Membership benefits at Equipt Fitness:

  • Complimentary access to the open gym and changing facilities. 
  • Complimentary access to two fitness classes per week. 
  • 10% off additional fitness class packages.
  • Complimentary parking is available. 


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Jun 19, 2024