Everything you need to know about Privilee Guest passes!

On top of access to five-star resorts, premium gyms and fitness classes, plus discounts on food, and drinks, there is another perk to your Privilee membership - Guest passes for friends and family! The perfect gift idea and super convenient when you have visitors.

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What is a Privilee Guest pass? 

Privilee Guest passes let your friends and family experience just how many benefits there are to a Privilee membership. Your guests will be able access pools, beaches, gyms, food and drink discounts, plus much more.

There are two Guest pass types available; Privilee Signature and Privilee Infinite.

How much do Privilee Guest Passes cost?

There are two options; 

  • Privilee Signature - five consecutive weekdays: QAR 349
  • Privilee Infinite - five consecutive weekdays: QAR 599

Where can Privilee Guest passes be used? 

Depending on which Privilee Guest pass you purchase, the Guest pass will provide access to either Privilee Signature or Privilee Infinite venues. View the venues here.

Guest passes work the same way as your Privilee membership, your guest plans their visit via the app and they check in at venues just like you do. 

Who should I buy a Privilee Guest pass for? 

Privilee Guest asses are perfect for when you have friends or family visiting you. Complimentary access for up to three children per family is included with a Guest pass - a great benefit if your guests have little ones and you all want to Privilee together.

Guest passes are also a great gift idea for teachers, friends, family or someone who wants to try Privilee before committing to a membership.

What about kids' access?

Each Guest pass includes access for up to three children, per family. That means each Guest pass allows access for one adult and up to three children. Please check each individual venue for their child access policy.

Are there any restrictions? 

Guest passes can be used Sunday - Thursday only and not on weekends or Public Holidays.

How do I buy Guest passes?

The process is simple, follow these steps:

  • Open your Privilee app and go to the ‘Me’ section. 
  • Tap ‘Guest passes’ and the Guest pass you want to purchase; Signature or Infinite.
  • Add your guests' name, email address and phone number. You can add a personal message to the person you are purchasing the Guest pass for.
  • Tap ‘Complete purchase and send’.
  • Your guest will receive an email containing details on how to activate the Guest pass - they will select a date for the Guest pass to be active fro. 

How does the guest use their Guest pass?

Your guest will need to download the Privilee app and follow the steps that were sent to them via email when you purchased the Guest pass. They will be asked to select the date they want the Guest pass to be active and to add their photo.

Once they are set up, they can use the Guest pass like you use your Privilee Membership!

Do I need to be present when they’re using the Guest pass?

No! The great thing about Privilee Guest passes is that your guest can visit venues alone, no one needs to accompany them. 

How does my guest activate the Guest pass?

When you purchase the Guest pass, your guest will be emailed instructions to set it up. This will involve selecting a date to activate the Guest pass and adding a photo of themselves.

How many Guest passes can I buy?

There is no limit to how many Guest passes you can purchase.

If I buy a Guest pass for someone, how will they receive it and know it’s a gift from me? 

When you purchase a Guest pass, you will add details of your guest, including their email address and the option to add your own message. You can write a message to let them know that it's from you, which they will receive via the email you have provided for them.

My sister and her husband are visiting with their three children, how can I gift them a Privilee Guest pass?

You can gift the Guest pass via email. You will need to purchase two guest passes for your sister and her husband, and add their details at the time of purchase (name, email and phone number). Up to three kids are complimentary per family, so you won't need to buy additional passes for the kids.

Your guests will need to download the Privilee app to plan visits and check in at Privilee venues - most partners have free WiFi that they will be able to connect to.

Enjoy Privilee'ing with your guests!


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Jan 17, 2023